My story

from a child’s drawing to

contemporary figurative art

The early days

Looking back on the beginning of my artistic journey, I remember that the seeds for my love of artistic drawing and painting were sown in my childhood. As a child, I used to make innumerable works.
Who doesn’t, after all?

I drew and painted my surroundings.
Moreover, my rich fantasy world was a source of fruitful inspiration. The days of formal training in contemporary figurative work, as well as exhibitions, were still far off in the future. I did however win the first prize in the drawing competition of the local primary school. At this stage, the viewers of my work were my family and classmates.

To the art academy

I only became a student at the art academy in my late twenties. Looking for a haven amid the busy family life with three kids, I returned to my beloved drawing and painting. I attended the art academies of Aarschot and Heist-op-den-Berg. My art curriculum successively involved 8 years of art drawing, two specialization years in art drawing, 5 years of art painting and finally 2 years of specialization in art painting. During these years, I developed a predilection for contemporary figurative work. The advice and encouragement of my teachers and especially the favourable feedback from family and friends motivated me to exhibit my works.

"Looking for a haven amid the busy family life, I returned to my beloved drawing and painting."


Therefore, I decided to register with Belgicart, an organization of the Brussels’ art house BOZAR..
The competition aimed at ‘discovering the work of lesser-known Belgian artists to reflect the hidden artistic wealth of our country’.
In early 2020, I received the good news that painter Sam Dillemans had selected my work for exhibition among more than 1,000 submissions. However, the planned exhibition was cancelled because of the corona crisis and a blazing fire at BOZAR. Nevertheless, a fresh opportunity arose to exhibit my works.


The first exhibition as a contemporary figurative artist

The IJsberg Foundation decided to take over the organization of the exhibition. Finally, my work was shown to the public during the summer of 2021. However, this was not my debut, as I had been invited to participate in the exhibition at the Zwanenberg cultural centre in Heist-op-den-Berg in the Autumn of 2020..

Things started to take off from there. Although I still get the highest satisfaction from the creative process, I am always curious to discover the effect of my works on other people. Exhibitions are an exciting and obviously very pleasant bonus.

A glance at my atelier