Karin Vandenbroeck

Mystery, nature, trades, and crafts on the verge of extinction: this handful of words characterises the work of painter Karin Vandenbroeck. She looks for inspiration in nature, museums and galleries and she turns her ideas into art in her painting studio in Booischot (Heist-op-den-Berg).

From photographs to paintings

Often, a photograph is the starting point of her creative process. Sometimes, she draws inspiration from multiple pictures. Photographic sources then become an image touching her. At this point, painter Karin Vandenbroeck takes over. The photograph first leads to a drawing and finally to a contemporary figurative painting.

Trades and crafts on the verge of extinction

Nature plays a big part in her work, especially the sea in all its aspects. However, her work also often portrays styled characters: not just anyone, but people deliberately chosen because of their craftmanship. The numbers of authentic fishmongers, pigeon fanciers, and other crafts are dwindling fast. The work of painter Karin Vandenbroeck records the memory of these trades and crafts for posterity.

Examples nurturing the art of painter Karin Vandenbroeck

When asked about the artists who inspired her work, Karin Vandenbroeck mentions the great Léon Spilliaert as well as several Belgian and foreign artists, including the Scot Peter Doig, famous for his exotic landscape paintings, the Swede Karin ‘Mamma’ Andersson, painter of homely scenes and lush landscapes, and also the German Neo Rauch , whose work has a touch of surrealism, and finally the young Belgian Ben Sledsens..

tekening De wind in de zeilen - 16 x 9,8 cm - aquarel en kleurpotlood op papier
van foto tot figuratief schilderij

Working with

her own story

Karin Vandenbroeck has absorbed the above-mentioned influences through the filter of her own style. In her work, she not only creates a unique image, but she also devotes careful attention to the ambiance of her work. A whiff of mystery is always present. Although each painting tells its own story to her, she also leaves room for interpretation by the viewer.

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